MeetingCycle is a Secure Collaboration and File Distribution Portal for the PC and tablets like the iPad. Simple to use and includes complete functionality from calendar management, document assembly, information library, and online voting. Cut cost and automate your meetings and file distribution!
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MeetingCycle is a secure collaboration and file distribution for the PC and tablets like the iPad and Microsoft Surface. It's simple to use and includes complete functionality from meeting management, calendaring, document assembly, file distribution, governance/information libraries, and online voting. This solution will help you dramatically reduce the time and effort needed to organize, manage, and interact with your partners, team, committees, and others!

MeetingCycle is the easiest and most comprehensive meeting and file distribution system for the price! We strive to provide the most effective solution to coordinate documents, meetings, and projects with your team and outside partners.

How It Works

MeetingCycle allows you to collaborate in a rules-based system that links you, your team, and content contributors. Designed to be easy and effective, this system allows your team to spend more time managing and less time searching for information and preparing. Here are the basics of a MeetingCycle meeting:

Meeting Organizers: Meeting organizers can quickly schedule and build meetings (vendor, committee, planning, etc.). During this process, they can easily notify and coordinate director and/or other attendee calendars as well as content contributors. Organizers can then auto-assemble content and notify pertinent attendees and presenters when meeting materials are ready.

Leadership/Content Contributors/Presenters: As meeting preparation is underway, content contributors (analysts, managers, etc.) can submit content for assembly in an organized/centralized manner. Once the content is ready, our rules based system allows attendees to access the information pertinent to them. When the meeting concludes, pertinent information is archived for your team and outside partners.

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