MeetingCycle is a Secure Collaboration and File Distribution Portal for the PC and tablets like the iPad. Simple to use and includes complete functionality from calendar management, document assembly, information library, and online voting. Cut cost and automate your meetings and file distribution!
Getting started with MeetingCycle is an easy three step process! You will really be conducting your first meeting 30 minutes from purchase time. Here’s how that happens:

Step 1: Click on the Buy Now button (have your credit card, Pay Pal, or check information ready)

Step 2: Once your purchase is complete, we’ll ask a few (couple of minutes worth) of questions and then setup your MeetingCycle.

Step 3: Immediately after purchase, we provide you with easy online videos and materials that explains how to use/manage your live system.

Simple Pricing

Pricing and setup are simple. You only pay a light monthly fee based on your general number of users at the end of each month of use, fees are listed below. There is a one-time setup fee that matches your monthly fee billed when you sign up (ex: if your monthly fee is $199, your setup fee is $199). Customers are committed for nine months. But after the nine months, there is only a 90 day cancelation period. If needed, we do have extensive additional training and setup programs are available for Financial Institutions and others.

The simple monthly fee INCLUDES ALL FEATURES (calendar management, document assembly, governance archive, information library, online voting, tablet setup, and more)!


Monthly Fee


$ 199.00*


$ 499.00
Now at a promotional $399.00


$ 599.00


$ 799.00

*The $199 package includes all features except advanced document assembly.

If needed, we do offer live webinar training at $899 per 120 minute course that includes materials and follow up review (training is billed once session is booked - you must sign up for MeetingCycle first). Courses can be split into two our three separate sessions.

Includes 7 day a week email based support between 6:00a – 7:00p US/CST. Additional support plans are available.

Partner programs are available.

Need help with your Meetings (material format, methods, and most everything else)? We can help you! Contact us to about our “Best Case Meetings” consultation programs.

Quick Tour Why Us Security About Press Purchase Now Our simple purchase system allows you to set the size of your team and pay – it really is that simple! Get your credit card, Pay Pal, or check information ready - and LET'S GET STARTED!

Easy Purchase

If you need to test first, start a 14 day trial account that can be activated to a live system: Click Here

Partner Customer Setup: Click Here

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