MeetingCycle is a Secure Collaboration and File Distribution Portal for the PC and tablets like the iPad. Simple to use and includes complete functionality from calendar management, document assembly, information library, and online voting. Cut cost and automate your meetings and file distribution!
John JacksonCycle System, Inc. (originally Lending Cycle, Inc.) is a research and technology company that develops software products used in hundreds of banks and other businesses, based on their unique business process methodology, which are delivered via the Internet through Web browsers. The company was formed by a former bank executive (John Jackson) and set up to develop new and unique business process methodologies, governance concepts, and interface designs. The company then produced highly scalable software products based on this research. LCI was initially funded by research grants from the Science and Technology Council and equity investments from business leaders from the banking and credit card industries who wanted to address missing product sets they believed were needed (what became the Cycle products).

All the Cycle Products (MeetingCycle, ReferralCycle, etc.) are designed to automate business processes with a focus toward robust reporting/analytics and governance. LendingCycle (our first product) has now been in financial institutions for years. We encourage you to try our products as they were designed and built by the people who actually use them. We're certain our focus on ease and effectiveness will allow your team to spend more time managing and less time preparing and searching for information!

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John is the founder of Cycle System and the designer of the base concept for our Cycle Products. He has strong experience in the banking and financial sectors and was a former Executive Vice President of a bank. He was also the CEO of Spid3r Technologies, a producer of 3D imaging software. During Johnís tenure, Spid3r produced products that were distributed through Best Buy and other national outlets. Before these pursuits, John managed the diligence for mergers and acquisitions with Financial Alliance/NPC. He has also been a senior executive at a business intelligence firm, founder of an electronics manufacturing and assembly company, and has written about efficiencies financial systems.